Erin Lynn Forrest
The Daddies (detail)
cast ceramic, ink, wax, thread, rubber, steel
Serum series

Serum is the amber colored fluid in our blood that helps to keep us well. The work in this series investigates themes of harm and cure. It explores physiological as well as ritual approaches to healing, intersecting the individual body with the social.

The Hunting of the Wren has been a ritual practiced in the British Isles and parts of Europe for centuries. Originally, a wren was reverentially sacrificed at the start of winter to signify transformation, an offering for the gift of springtime renewal. Over time, the wren came to signify something dark and mysterious. She was brutally chased from bushes, beaten, and paraded through town with song.
The Hunt of Jenny Wren works pay tribute to the wrens among us; songbirds both sacred and accursed.
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